Why pick when you can choose?

Choose one of our full-day summer STEM programs below. We’ve made it simple for you to register. Please note, we’re happy to register you by phone if it is more convenient - call Noah Diamond, our On-Site Program Manager at: 212.245.0444 x107.


Kindergartners Full Day Program


1st-2nd Graders Full Day Program 


3rd-6th Graders Full Day Program


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Contact Noah Diamond, On-Site Program Manager, at:



“What I find unique and impressive about Robofun is their inclusion philosophy; everyone is welcomed and every child’s learning style and behavior are carefully attended to. Robofun is structured and very friendly and they literally unlocked my child’s creativity. Watching his level of pride when he comes home and can tell me about what he’s constructed and how it works is very fulfilling. There are areas where Henry has trouble "fitting in," but at Robofun he's just like everyone else.”

-Robofun Parent