Robofun® After School STEM Programs:

Since 1998 Robofun® has been leading STEM (Lego Robotics, Coding & Game Design, Stop Motion Animation) education in New York City. We offer dynamic programs for children using cutting edge technologies. Students ages 3 – 12 (Pre-K to 6th grade) build and program robots, create video games and make stop-motion animations. Our students learn engineering, coding, problem solving, creative thinking and teamwork. Our work is based on children’s innate passion and curiosity, and our workshops allow children to become makers and designers. Robofun’s parent company, Vision, Education & Media, is present in over 100 public and private schools in New York City delivering creative in-school and after-school STEM programs, as well as science and technology teacher training.

We believe that good teachers recognize that each child has his/her own learning style and abilities. Our teachers create an environment that allows students to progress at their own pace, while encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Most importantly, our teachers inspire students to love learning; we focus on confidence-building and creative problem-solving skills.

Our After School STEM Education Difference:

Our core educational philosophy centers around an intimate interaction with our students; because we know that each child learns differently and at their own pace, our 'mentors' assess and monitor your child's skill level. Each class they take is matched with their skill and interests. Our curriculum and mentors focus on mastering current skills then challenge each student to get to a higher level.

Regardless of which class they take, or how many times they have taken it, our students do not repeat previous projects - they are always challenged and, when they are ready, they work on a new and interesting assignment.


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“What I find unique and impressive about Robofun is their inclusion philosophy; everyone is welcomed and every child’s learning style and behavior are carefully attended to. Robofun is structured and very friendly, and they literally unlocked my child’s creativity. Watching his level of pride when he comes home and can tell me about what he’s constructed and how it works is very fulfilling. There are areas where Henry has trouble "fitting in," but at Robofun he's just like everyone else.”

- Robofun Parent