1st to 2nd Grade 2019 After School STEM Programs:

We offer two primary programs for 1st and 2nd graders to explore their creativity, curiosity and to boost their confidence. Please note: Regardless of which class they take, or how many times they have taken it, our students do not repeat previous projects - they are always challenged and, when they are ready, they work on a new and interesting assignment.

Required Skills: None. Open to curious children of all skills and abilities.


First and second-grade students will enjoy building and programming a variety of kinetic projects. They will use different LEGO® parts to build robots such as a rocket ship, bunny, and soccer kicker. Children explore engineering and simple machine principles such as friction, gearing and leverage. Students will think like a programmer using the LEGO® Robotics intuitive picture-based coding software. Students will program their projects to move in accordance with sound effects and music. Students learn to build from blueprints then expand onward to customize their creations. Students are challenged with team-based tournaments that help them develop partnering skills. By the end of class, they will have developed friendships, leadership skills, and boosted their confidence.

Required Skills: None. Open to curious children of all skills and abilities.



Students will design their own video-games using software developed by MIT media lab called Scratch. They will learn to be programmers by using logic, developing, and piecing together code to make their own games. As they build and move through games such as our “Adventure”, “Maze” and “Platform” games, they will advance their coding skills and increase the complexity of what they’re working on to more and more realistic games. In this class, students often go from being uncertain about what programming is, to being confident about their ability to come up with their own game and design it in a single class. Scratch was developed by Dr. Mitchel Resnick and associates of the MIT Media Lab. Dr. Resnick is one of Robofun’s Board members and trusted advisors.

Required Skills:  None. Open to curious children of all skills and abilities.



“What I find unique and impressive about Robofun is their inclusion philosophy; everyone is welcomed and every child’s learning style and behavior are carefully attended to. Robofun is structured and very friendly, and they literally unlocked my child’s creativity. Watching his level of pride when he comes home and can tell me about what he’s constructed and how it works is very fulfilling. There are areas where Henry has trouble "fitting in," but at Robofun he's just like everyone else.”

- Robofun Parent