Why Send Your Child to Robofun this Summer?

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Robofun was started by me, Laura Hart. I am a practicing artist as well as someone who loves coding, building, and making. Previously, I was the Director of the Computer Programs for both the Buckley School and the Little Red Schoolhouse in Manhattan. I also have a degree in Painting and Sculpture from Skidmore College as well as a Master’s in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. My goal for Robofun was to create a place for kids to love to learn. Will we create the next generation of computer scientist? Is that our goal? Yes, and No. What we are working to create is children who begin to understand the concepts behind computer science and behind learning in general. We want children to understand that when you have a big goal for a project, you need to break it down into parts, get all the pieces ready, and then put everything together. We want kids to have fun. Fun making things, fun meeting new friends, and fun working with new teachers.

We want kids to develop frustration tolerance, and an understanding that if it doesn’t all happen at once, that’s ok. Creating a project you care about doesn’t happen instantly. You have to work hard. My colleague and friend, Dr. Seymour Papert, the founder of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab and who developed the computer language Logo, used to call it, “Hard Fun.” It has to be exciting and challenging at the same time. We want our students to love learning and that the concepts you learn at Robofun can be applied to other words; writing, painting, swimming, you name it! Camp begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM, but you can choose to send your child just for the morning, or just for the afternoon. Mornings consist of building, robotics, and coding, while afternoons include coding, Minecraft, and Stop Motion animation. We work hard to get to know every child. In between, we have lunch together and go to a playground on sunny days. On rainy days during lunch and breaks, we play board games and group activities.  Please give us a call at 212.245.0444 or fill out our our contact form if you’d like more information, or better yet, stop by with your child and see camp in action!

Noah Diamond