Robofun STEM (Lego Robotics, Coding & Game Design, Stop Motion Animation, Minecraft & Circuitry) Summer Camp Program

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Children learn best in fun and exciting environments that keep them engaged and challenge them to think creatively. Students at Robofun work on projects they care about, where they have agency to control how and what they learn. We give each child an opportunity to build with their hands, with flexibility and focus. Through this, children develop focus, grit and joy in learning. Our STEM classes are about 8 children to one teacher, often with an assistant teacher.

Laura Hart, a pioneer in STEM education for children, founded Robofun in 1998 to “provide a safe place for children to discover their own creativity, abilities, and courage to explore,” and since inception, it’s helped tens of thousands of New York City students by offering them after school programs and summer camps. Our summer camp, has received much excitement and includes programs in Lego Robotics, Coding & Game Design, Stop Motion Animation, Minecraft & Circuitry. Kids sign up for a week of camp at a time, and the curriculum changes each week.

Laura and the Robofun team are hosting an open house on Sunday, May 19th from 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM, at their 2672 Broadway, Loft A, New York, NY 10025 education center. This is an excellent way for parents and children to learn what happens at a STEM based summer program.  During the open house Laura will lead a discussion with parents on the value of STEM education, how this complements and supports all types of learning in many disciplines. Laura will demystify the concept of computational thinking, and will help parents see that learning is a joyful process, not based upon checking off boxes of what every child must know and do. During the open house, children will be able to try out robotics, coding, and stop motion animation. They’ll meet our summer counselors and get a feeling for the family like nurturing environment we have developed. They’ll meet other campers and families that have are part of the Robofun family.

Every child that participates in one of our Robofun summer camp STEM education programs, will be exposed to a diverse, fun, dynamic, and engaging way of learning. Below are just a few of the many testimonials that we’ve received from previous parents that had their children attend one of our STEM educational summer camps.

“Charlie had a great experience - in fact, he's had several great experiences recently. He attended camps in Jan, Feb and March - and has been really excited and enthusiastic each time. The projects seem to be incredibly engaging and he's been eager to share the details after each session. We certainly plan to return for upcoming school breaks.”

“What I find unique and impressive and unique and impressive about Robofun is their inclusion philosophy; everyone is welcomed and every child’s learning style and behavior are carefully attended to. They literally unlocked my child’s creativity.”

“My son had an amazing time. He really enjoyed working with the Minecraft teacher. Overall, the staff was professional and the place looked great.”

To sign up for our open house on Sunday, May 19th, please use our simple Eventbrite registration form, or contact Noah, our onsite program manager, at 212-245-0444 ext. 107, and he’ll be sure to answer any questions you have. We do have limited space, and with Laura speaking, this event will be at maximum capacity, so please do not wait to sign up if you’re interested in learning more.

If our Sunday, May 19th open house date does not work for you, we’re hosting another one on Sunday, June 19th for which you can sign up now using our simple Eventbrite registration form.