Starting a robofun® club at your school

You can bring robofun® cutting edge technology programs to your school or community any day of the week, starting any time of the year. We provide school age children with hands-on opportunites to explore their creativity while learning new skills in problem solving, engineering, and logical thinking. Robofun® STEM Programs take place in schools in all five boroughs of NYC. Starting a robofun® after-school program is simple! Please fill out this form indicating your interest. There is no obligation or cost to your organization if you are not able to recruit enough students to meet the minimum class requirement.

For questions about starting a robofun® club at your school, contact Alexandra Cheney at 212.245.0444 ext 105 or In your email, please include the name of school, grade range of the students you are looking to serve, and a possible date you would like the program to start. 

General Information

Vision Education & Media | robofun® has been working with schools, CBOs, and museums to teach emerging technology creatively and effectively for over eighteen years. Our multi-disciplinary curricula is created by our staff and taught to your students and teachers. Our programs meet numerous Common Core Standards, and we can provide you with a chart showing the specific standards we cover in each program. Our curriculum is flexible to meet your needs.  We can run for as few as 6 sessions or as long as the entire school year!

We have a proven track record in the field of STEAM education. We are M/WBE certified and have been included in over twenty 21st Century Community Learning Center grants. We have received grants from the  National Science Foundation and MacArthur Foundation for creative technology programs with South Bronx students.

What we teach

Students in elementary and middle school code their own video games, animated stories, robots, and understand the fundamentals of coding (programming).  We modify our curricula to meet the age and experience of the students we serve.

Skills addressed
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)
Coding / Programming
Algorithmic and Computational Thinking
Pre-Engineering and Engineering Skills
Design Thinking
Teamwork and Collaboration

Clients & Partners

New York City Department of Education
120 programs per week in New York City Public, Independent and Charter Schools
The Boys and Girls Club of America    
LEGO® Education
MIT Media Lab
Museum of Moving Image
Newark Public Schools
New York University, Interactive Telecommunications Program
The YWCA of the USA

"Businesses like robofun® are successful because they provide young people an opportunity to explore science, technology, and engineering by undertaking projects that have meaning to them." –– Margaret Honey, Chief Executive of the New York Hall of Science