About Us

Who We are

Robofun® offers dynamic workshops for children using cutting-edge technologies. Children ages 3 – 12 come to our studio on 102nd Street and Broadway in Manhattan to build and program robots, design and construct video games and make stop-motion animations. Your child will learn engineering, coding, and creative thinking. Our work is based on children’s innate passion and curiosity and our workshops allow children to become makers and designers. We run creative after school programs and train teachers in over 100 schools in the New York City area.

Our Vision

Our founder and CEO, Laura Hart, studied and worked with the late Dr. Seymour Papert, co-founder of the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT. Papert developed the programming language LOGO, the precursor to Scratch, a language we teach and that has 9 million users. He also developed LEGO Robotics. Through Robofun, she shares the 30 years worth of knowledge learned from Dr. Seymour Papert in to inspire and teach a new generation of makers.

Our Mission

We believe that we learn the most when we are having fun and can create something that is personally meaningful. Some people call this “hard fun.” It might be challenging, but it is so interesting that we keep at it until we progress. We believe that good teaching allows students to progress at their own rate, providing each student with the type of support and encouragement that is most suited to his/her type of learning and doing. Our philosophy is based on constructionism. We often learn best by building and making and by having exciting materials and tools with which to work. We ignite kids’ desire to explore, solve problems, and learn. We invent, build, and have fun with cool technologies.

What we believe in

“I think kids are rigidly programmed in test prep activities these days and don't have enough time for fun or access to building and making things.”  ––  Laura Hart



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